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There are many tribanders that are 2 to 6 element. trapped antennas. They cover the 10-15-20 Meter. Bands but not the WARC bands 12 17 M.

Submitter: yoyi88

NEW. 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 14 14.0514.114.1514.214.2514.314.3514.4 20 meters 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 14 14.0514.114.1514.214.2514.314.3514.4 15 METERS 1 1.05 1.1 1.15 1.2 1.25 3 35 4 1.45 21 21.05 21.1 21 ...

Submitter: yasashi
Why cant U Design a Yagiiii?

If not I will attempt to adjust the element lengths. I will now test the 6 meter beam in transmitter mode across town. Beams available now for 6 meters M2s 6M5x ...

Submitter: reli
A Short Boom, Wideband, Three Element Yagi for 10 Meters

30 October 2008 A lthough there are many two and three element Yagi designs for 10 meters, most cover much less than the full band. For this Yagi, I set four requirements: The ...

Submitter: coinhead
Portable 10 Meter (28mhz) 2 Element Beam Using CB Whips by KL7JR

Portable 28 MHz (10 Meter) 2 Element Beam Using 102 Steel Whips. by KL7JR/VE8RST/VY1RST. The old standby 102 inch steel CB whip has ...

Submitter: mimibelle
Simple VHF Direction Finding

... Course Plotter Radio equipment to make it easier Headphones Small Beam Antenna ... Strength Monitoring Omnidirectional Fade and Peak Plotting Portable Beams 3 Element ...

Submitter: dog
CUSHCRAFT 10M 3 Element 8 dB 8 ft Boom Beam

The TEN3 is a lightweight, economical alternative to the 10 meter big boys. Most popular with newcomers to the 10 meter band, this antenna is for any ham who wants ...

Submitter: loosysah
NEW Maco 3 Element 10/11 Meter CB radio Beam

Electronics for saleMaco 3 Element 10 11 Meter Beam MACO M103C 3 Element Maximum Beam Directional, Single Polarity, Y

Submitter: buingkeessemusic
The 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide Operational Antennas

225 Chapter 8 The 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide Operational Antennas With the successful completion of the Deep Space Station 13 (DSS-13) research and development (RD) beam ...

Submitter: glurgetredvug
MOSLEY 10/11 Meter 3 element mini beam $125 [Archive] - QRZ Forums

SOLD MOSLEY 10/11 Meter 3 element mini beam Model GA3D (current model MB-11) 73 de K1LPI

Submitter: elasa8
KLARA Amateur Radio Association

KLARA Amateur Radio Association So Your looking to get a Extra Class Amateur Radio License

Submitter: gwickwire
Gizmotchy 3 element 10-11 meter beam

I have a 3 element Gizmotchy beam with the 5,000 watt gamma matches for sale. It will ... A three element yagi doesnt have 12 dB of gain and it cant be a three ...

Submitter: jedshidgews
G9 - ANTENNAS [4 exam questions - 4 groups]

... used for radio communications on the 20 meter ... G9C16 How does the gain of a two element delta-loop beam compare ... G9D04 How does the gain of two 3-element ...

Submitter: cheapestwowgoldovk
A Study of Stacked Arrays of Yagi-Uda Antennas

3 . A good model which applies to 20 and 10 meters will be a 4 element 23 foot design. ... How does a 3 ele full size 40 meter beam compare to a stack of ...

Submitter: sjgeav
The Making of 4 element Yagi for 10 meter band.

This 3 element 10 meter Yagi antenna that I made was belongs to 9W2ODY. Look at his face !! the smile tell us how happy he was !! hahahaha....

Submitter: mohanarajah-sabaratnam
3 Element 2 Meter Beam - The Catalog Search Engine

largest swr/wattmeter has giant 6 inch meter 149 much more accurate and easier to ... power savertm circuit turns on meter only when rf power is being measured ...

Submitter: certified-cna
Technician License Course Chapter 3 Operating Station Equipment

Beam antennas focus or direct RF energy in a ... Driven element connected to the radio by the feed ... SWR Meter; Antenna Analyzer; Antenna tuners

Submitter: shujaat

308 Industrial Park Road, Starkville, MS 39759 USA Ph: (662) 323-9538 FAX: (662) 323-6551 LJ-103BA Long John MonoBander 3-Element, 10-Meter Beam INSTRUCTION MANUAL GENERAL ...

Submitter: reobreneoke
BUTTERNUT Manufacturing Co.

831 North Central AvenueWood DaleIllinois 60191-1219 Telephone 708 238 1854 Facsimile 708 238 1186 V00373-101599 BUTTERNUT Manufacturing Co. Instructions Model 24MCA-II The ...

Submitter: pyopark
2 meter, 4 element quad

4 Element, 2 Meter Quad Antenna Plan M. Lowell, N1LO, 4/16/98 OK, this is the plan you have been waiting for! See the attached figure. Several of you have asked for a plan ...

Submitter: litterboy
The Design, Construction and Operation of the 28 Element OWA 15 ...

Work was also ongoing for 4 stack of WA3FET OWA 6 element 20M Yagisat K3LR (More on that later) Hi Tim, I know you must be anxiously awaiting the results for the 15M ...

Submitter: pudgyme
Five Element 2 Meter Yagi for $20

34 July 1999 In a matter of a few hours, you can easily build a broadband, 2-meter Yagicomplete with mounting hardwarefor $20. The antenna offers a gain of about 10 dB, is ...

Submitter: tomtom
40 Meter Mini-MOXON Beam Antenna

40 Meter Mini-MOXON Beam Antenna . Designed, built, and presented by: Al ... Mount the element assemblies on the boom, 18.3 feet apart. Cut two pieces of Dacron or ...

Submitter: tarimbia

A50-3S Your Cushcraft 6 meter beam is designed and manufactured to give top performance and trouble free service. The antenna will perform as specified if the instructions ...

Submitter: sekawailiow

Extremely common structural element . In buildings majority of loads are ... Make the beam into a freebody (cut it out and artificially support it)

Submitter: naildelia
40m Vertical 3 element Back to Back Beam

40V3BBB_Edition 1 VK4EMM and VK4IU John Loftus and Peter Wetzig 2 of 14 22-Oct-2007 Table of contents Introduction ...

Submitter: aakashrocks-13
70 Centimeter 2 element beam center frequency 440 MHz

Here are some lengths and spacings for various direct connect beams. The layouts are straight forward and are illustrated below. Your SWR should be less than 1.3:1 ...

Submitter: dcdupay

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