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Targeting the TAKS Open-Ended Response

Writing skills are not assessed here. Only clarity is ... Examine each rubric (literary, expository ... Provided by Region 4 ESC Targeting the TAKS Open ...

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Monroe Township Schools

3.2.3.C.4 Use grade appropriate knowledge ... 3.2.4.C.6 Study examples of narrative and expository writing to develop understanding of ... reading words and picture prompts can ...

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Speculative Prompt Samples

1. 13 A girl arrives home from school to find that the backdoor is ajar. She is not sure if she should go in. What should she do? Write a story about the girl, and ...

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New Jersey Assessment Of Knowledge And Skills (NJ ASK) Grades 6, 7 ...

... narrative, and/or expository prompts to assess student writing ... 8 * Sample # 4 (Grade 7 ... the following URLs: Grade 5 ...

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Speculative Narrative and Expository Writing

Speculative Narrative and Expository Writing ... background informationfrom the question? state the quotefor quotation prompts ...

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New Brunswick Middle School

... of writing: Speculative, Explanatory/Expository, and Persuasive Writing Prompts. ... Period Units 9 12 NJASK ... active except where noted Grade 3 Grade 4 ...

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Genre Study

Grade 4 Background Information: This study was developed for ... Writing a Lead and a Closure Week 3, Lesson 4 Grade 4 Mini Lesson Goal: Students will write a response to ...

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Everything You Wanted to Know About NJ ASK

... Literacy, Mathematics, and Sciences (Grade 4 and ... and more diverse content Two LAL writing prompts in ... two formats for assessing explanatory/expository writing ...

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Brunswick Acres NJ ASK Parent Workshop

NJASK 3, 4, 5: May 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (Grade 4 Science) NJASK 3, 4 5 Make Up Testing: May 16, 17 ... Example Writing Prompts Expository Writing (Poem Prompt) (Students ...

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NJ ASK5-8 Speculative Writing: Sample Prompts and Guaidance for ...

... persuasive, narrative, and/or expository prompts -to assess student writing ... 10 Sample #4 May be used with 6 th grade students The young girl ... 609.633.6917 JoAnne Tubman, NJASK ...

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Overview of the Assessment

For this component of the assessment, third- and fourth-grade students will complete two writing tasks: one speculative and one expository. The writing prompts will ...

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... and/or expository prompts -to assess student writing ... copies of the writing handbooks can be found via the following URLs: Grade 5 ...

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Open ended has a 4 point rubric gr. 3-5 writing prompts ... our students take NJASK? Slide 3 Slide 4 ... Slide 14 Writing Grade 3 Writing Two Tasks Slide 17 EXPOSITORY ...

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NJ ASK5-8 Speculative Writing: Sample Prompts and Guaidance for ...

... and/or expository prompts to assess student writing ... Scoring: A writing Handbook (2008) ... with 7th grade students Sample #4 May ...

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Unit: Concept:

Activity 8: Writing Prompts (Ongoing/Periodic) GQ 4 ... information from a variety of grade ... be used to develop a multiparagraph expository ...

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School District of South Orange-Maplewood

examples, exercises, and writing prompts in the ... Expository Essay, NJASK Persuasive Reading Task ... teachers have a desk copy of this grade level writing ...

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Everything You Wanted to Know About NJ ASK

LANGUAGE ARTS ASSESSMENT Writing- Expository-30 minutes Speculative-30 ... Thurs. May 13- Math Day 5 - Fri. May 14 - Science Gr. 4 WHEN? GRADE 5 6 ...

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Update: New Jerseys New State Assessments: A Summary of New Test ...

... and more diverse content Two LAL writing prompts in ... variety of ways (e.g., narrative, expository ... Sample SCR Items (contd) Grade 6 Standard to be assessed 4.4.6 B ...

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Newark Public Schools

... of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK-3/NJASK-4), the Grade Eight ... genres of text, including storybooks, expository ... to write ideas easily) to improve writing. 1-1. 1-2. 1-3. 1-4

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NJ ASK Parent Workshop March 26, 2009 Leslie Lopez

... Booklets Go Home NJASK 5: May 3, 4, 5, and 6 NJASK 3 NJASK 4: May 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 (Grade 4 ... Example Writing Prompts Expository Writing (Poem Prompt) (Students ...

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Preparing Your Child for the NJ ASK 4 2010

... Expository or Persuasive. All writing tasks will measure the CCCS. Picture prompts have been eliminated for all grade levels. ... and Writing Grade 4 ... s/njask/ ...

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... preceding the writing assessment.) Also, review NJASK-like ... odelay=0d=1search=1grade=5trait=0. Writing Prompts for ... Mini-Lesson Map for Writing Genre: Expository ...

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I think this quotation means that if you take the easy route with ...

DESCRIPTION OF THE WRITING TASK The responses selected to appear in this document were written by eighth grade students who responded to an explanatory prompt on the ...

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ESTUDIANTES Y MAESTROS) - Grades 3, 4, and 5 Grados 3, 4 y 5 - New ...

If you are in grade 3 or grade 4, you will show your answers to multiple ... to prepare for your writing. Expository prompts simply ask you to write a composition that ...

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; Speculative Task (3-8), Expository Task (3-8, ... , report card grades, writing prompts (grades 3-8) and NJASK/HSPA/ ... ; Grade 4 (Special Education, Female and ...

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North Arlington High School

With only days left till the NJASK, Mrs. Macaris 6 th, 7 th, and 8 th grade students worked ... by responding to weekly speculative and expository writing prompts ...

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Review NJASK-like instructions on written ... php?odelay=0d=1search=1grade=5trait=0. Writing Prompts for each ... Sample Mini-Lesson Map for Writing Genre: Expository ...

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Language Arts Literacy

... paragraphs in narrative and expository writing ... Writing prompts; emphasis is on writing content, then mechanics Grade based on proper ... NJASK Test Preparation. Battle of ...

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New Brunswick Middle School

NJASK 3-5 Language Arts Literacy Speculative and Explanatory Writing Prompts Grade 3 The format ... Explanatory Writing Prompts Grade 3 ... explanatory/expository writing ...

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New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) 2009-2010

... will use as a basis for writing their composition. The expository prompts are based on ... Constructed Response (SCR) part of NJASK ... ASK 3-8 Mathematics Sample SCR Items Grade 4 ...

Submitter: hasan

4. critique writing pieces using the NJASK writing rubric. ... Topic #4: Planning/Pre-writing Expository (i.e., Poem prompts) ... Treasures (2007) Grade 4 ...

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Persuasive Strategies

Title: Persuasive Strategies Subject: for RWT lesson Can You Convince Me? Author: RWT author Last modified by: Kaylee Olney Created Date: 10/8/2006 12:39:45 AM

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GRADE 3 ~ MAY 2009

The writing subtest presents students with specific writing prompts (expository ... Special Education =18 Limited English Proficient =1 *NJASK 4 *Group Performance Chart - Grade 4 ...

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