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... and multiple-meaning words. 7-3.1 Use context clues (for ... first write at least four questions about the context clues in ... are asked to memorize definitions out of context.

Submitter: daypodiadow

... and descriptive details Same as above 4.3 1-2 Identify and sort common words into conceptual categories (opposites ... definitions to ... words using context clues ...

Submitter: jenstephens30
Adjectives Adverbs

... specific details, relevant examples ... after you read, look up the words and write in the definitions. ... Use context clues: In some cases, words are defined directly in ...

Submitter: tets
Grade Four English Language Arts Standards Map - Instructional ...

Use context (e.g., definitions, examples, or restatements in text ... and Latin affixes and roots as clues ... words by relating them to their opposites (antonyms) and to words ...

Submitter: fdjontu

Fishing for opposites ... identify context clues that they used to assist them in defining unfamiliar words. Students also locate examples of ... contains definitions for ...

Submitter: jodie-i-gonzales
English Standards of Learning

... with three or four steps. d ... Specific and helpful clues in the context include. definitions, which define words ... e., use of descriptive details and examples, within ...

Submitter: tunchi187
Comparative Analysis MA 2011ELA and MA 2001+2004ELA

Four strands at all grade levels ... by relating them to their opposites (antonyms) and to words ... the meaning of unfamiliar words using context clues (definitions, examples).

Submitter: molly922
Year 4 Term 1

... constraints, e.g. in four words ... phrasing with narrative/descriptive examples; locate use of simile; Y4 T6 to identify clues ... W20 to write their own definitions of words ...

Submitter: fordf150
Grade 2

... of unknown words by using context clues. They ... Antonyms are opposites, and their meanings are not the same. Examples ... to memorize definitions out of context. If ...

Submitter: ravib
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