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Bac Fu Do (White Tiger Way) Kung Fu is a powerful compos ite style martial art taught ... Sifu Crook believes that forms or kata training show the student some possibilities ...

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Kenpo kenpo karate american kenpo kenpo martial arts chinese kenpo ...

... kenpo kata larry tatum kenpo parker kenpo kenpo training kenpo jujitsu kenpo videos okinawa kenpo sasaki kenpo tracys kenpo nippon kenpo okinawan kenpo kenpo kung fu ...

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... and Tomari-te, native martial arts heavily influenced by the southern Chinese Kung-Fu. ... Shorin-Ryu emphasizes the practice of kata , (a series of pre-arranged empty hand ...

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Budo Ryu Student Manual

In modern times, Hun-Gar Kung Fu schools teach a variation of this early form. To build endurance and strength, the exercises were done slowly and resembled modern Kata.

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No kung-fu or elastic bottom pants. Officials may wear a black hakama. You should wear ... JU-JITSU FREESTYLE KATA TOURNAMENT CRITERIA AND SCORING FORM JUDGES NAME ...

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The International Amateur Sport Karate Competition Rules

C. Kung-Fu T-shirts may be worn in Kata competition only. D. Hats or headdresses or any other item may be worn if that item is part of his/her

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Shaolin Kung Fu OnLine Library

I, twenty years old lad, left civil service and fully devoted myself to military affairs, diligently worked as an instructor and trained myself in Kung Fu.

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Jan. - Tao Karate Club

... abrupt linear movements of karate and the flowing, circular patterns of kung fu ... I. (Krane Ratings International) National Championships for weapons and kata ...

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WhiteBelt ShortKatas110 Sparringtechniques110

CURRICULUM White Belt Short Katas 110 Sparring techniques 110 Chin Na (Self defense) 110 Yellow Belt Short Katas 115 Ippon Kumite (onestep fighting ...

Submitter: mcgyver
Shotokan Karate-do Student Manual

... or Tode, with the martial arts of coastal China variously known as chuan-fa, kung fu ... Karate-do is comprised of three forms of practice, kihon - basic techniques, kata ...

Submitter: duenty
Billings Chi-Tu Do

Kung Fu/ Self-Defense Power Principle. Hard style; Suto style ... Chi-Tu Do Level 1 Kata Shiho Karano Ju Jitsu All previous Ju ...

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Understanding Karate-do:

It was influenced by White Crane Kung-Fu. Annan A Shito-ryu kata that primarily uses open hand techniques. It also has a Goju variation. Annan has great versatility and speed ...

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Black Belt Study Guide

... of trade was done between Okinawa and China, including knowledge of various Kung Fu ... There are 8 total Kata in Uechi-Ryu. 1 Sanchin. Meaning - Three Conflicts ...

Submitter: larsbachenielsen
The White Crane Style

... William Eagle Dong; Grand Master of the Fukien White Crane System of Shaolin Kung-Fu. ... The White Crane Style exists in some portion (such as in a kata, a drill, etc.) in ...

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