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Pig Dissection

Pig Dissection Contents External Features Sex Determination Mouth and Maxillary Nerve ... below diaphragm (start) Slide 1 slide 2 slide 3 slide 4 Digestive system ...

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AP-2 Lab 07 Lab Report

Lab Report: Exercise 7: Anatomy of the Respiratory System ... structural differences you observed between the fetal pig lungs and those of the dissected human ...

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Pig Kidney: Anatomical Relationships Between the Renal ...

... be completely transposed to humans, many similarities of pig and human ... venous trunks, that is cranial, middle ( m ) and caudal. PIG KIDNEY RENAL VEINS AND COLLECTING SYSTEM ...

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Your Name _____ Date_____

Part D: Skeletal System. 1. Examine the pig and human lower leg bones. Do they look alike? _____ How do they differ? _____ 2.

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The Digestive System

What are some differences in the digestive system of the pig and human? GLOSSARY OF FREQUENTLY USED ANATOMICAL TERMS A number of terms will be used quite frequently in the ...

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For your own pig, draw and label both the urinary system and the reproductive system. Then make another drawing for the opposite sexed animal which indicates the ...

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General Lab Instructions

How do the fur on a rat, pig or rabbit and hair on a human serve similar purposes? ... What system does it belong to and what is its function? The liver is an ...

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Pig Dissection #2 Digestive System

Pig Dissection #2 Digestive System Fall 2008. Human Digestive Anatomy ... elongated in some animals Examples: pig ...

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Digestive System

Digestive System ... Sus The pig isan omnivore, so itsdigestive tractisverysimilar thatofthe human.

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Fetal Pig Dissection

Pigs are often used in experiments on human drugs. There is a new mini-pig that weighs 100-150 lbs. especially for that use. During gestation, there is an exchange ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

The following factors play a vital role in the human defense mechanism: NF ... ability (at least 1,000 times greater) to balance and support the human immune system when ...

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Digestive System

Digestive System Large complex molecules broken down into simpler molecules Long tube beginning with mouth and ending with the anus Digestive Systems Man and pig have a ...

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Fetch Document

... Immune System Transplant bone marrow from a donor pig to human, make pig blood cells part of the human recipients immune system Chimeric immune system: pig-human ...

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Because of the close similarity of a pigs brain to a humans brain, this study will allow ... The respiratory system may be divided into two general areas or regions.

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1 - The Human Body: An Orientation

The Human Body: An Orientation. CHAPTER SUMMARY. Chapter 1 ... Organ System Level. 6. Organismal Level. B. Organ System ... rat or a small preserved animal (e.g., a fetal pig) to ...

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Fetal Pig Dissection

Male System In the male pig, locate the two scrotal sacs at the posterior end of the pig. If the pig is in the later stages of development, you will find a testis in ...

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Comparative Digestive Physiology

... Sacculated Unsacculated Elephant, horse, zebra New World monkeys Pig, human Panda ... gathering apparatus for uptake type of digestive system required ...

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Pig Dissection Reproductive Anatomy

Microsoft PowerPoint - Pig Dissection # 5 Reproductive System ... Female Human vs. Pig Anatomy Pig has bihorneduterus Two uterine horns fuse into ...

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Vertebrate Notes

... varies between a few months and a few years Example: rabbit, dog, bear, pig, human ... urinary and reproductive openings Swim bladder: buoyancy Lateral line system ...

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02-comparative anatomy of the pig

Rev. 10/05 Technical Bulletin Comparative Anatomy of the Pig With the increasing use of ... Male Reproductive System The boar has a fibromuscular penis with a sigmoid flexure that ...

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... There are some important structural differences between the pig and human uteri. The pig ... MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM

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Skeletal Development in Fetal Pig Specimens: MR Imaging of Femur ...

... Fetus, growth and development Fetus, skeletal system ... C., D.J. RSNA, 2004 Skeletal Development in Fetal Pig ... histologically and that may prove to be useful at human ...

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Fetal Pig Anatomy

Every egg (actually primary oocyte) that a female pig (or human) will ever produce is already present in the ovary at the time of birth. Male Reproductive System

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... INTESTINAL TRACT (Chapter 2 of text) Monogastric Simple stomach, one compartment, not capable of good utilization of forage (high fiber) diets Pig, human Avian system ...

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